4 Interesting Technology Trends Everyone Should Know About

Humans have evolved dramatically from the Neolithic age until now. We started our journey of innovation by learning how to make fire, and here we are, making self-driving trucks. Technology has come a long way and is continuously evolving. Whether it is about improving medicine or automating processing units at industries, all human innovations have helped make earth a better to place live.

Here are four exciting technology trends that you should know about:

  1. Reversing paralysis

Humans have found a cure for something that was undefined until now. Yes, scientists have developed a way to cure paralysis by using brain implant to bring back the free movement of the limbs. This treatment ends all spinal cord injuries and improves the person's quality of life.

  1. Pay using face recognition

Scientists in China have developed a technology that lets you pay using your face. The face recognition software enables you to pay by flashing a smile. The system compares your look with the database of photos. Once a match is detected, it gives access to all features of the software and also authorizes payments. China is already using the face recognition technology but it isn't quite popular yet in other parts of the world. Do you think other countries will follow suit?

  1. 360-degree selfie

If you love photography and filmmaking, you would've come across the 360-degree cameras. They are inexpensive and are of great use to the photography world. This camera is usually attached to drones to get mind-blowing images and video clips. Maybe, you can try clicking a 360-degree selfie too? The result of the click is a round photo that looks like a two-dimensional globe image.

  1. Gene therapy

Gene therapy is a boon to the medical sector. It can cure genetic disorders with a probability of curing cancer and heredity heart diseases. This treatment is costly and is still in research state. But we are sure that in the future, with more research, it can cure some deadly genetic disorders as well.

Which out of these four technologies is your favorite one?

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