4 Most Stunning Developments in Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has taken the world by storm. Even though the technology is just flourishing, there are so many AI startups that have gone viral. Investors have taken excessive interest in this field of technology and have already considered it as the future. Experts feel that artificial intelligence can be used in the financial, military, and management sectors. Many devices are being developed based on AI mechanism to assist humans in different verticals.

Here are four stunning developments in artificial intelligence that have impressed the world:

  1. Speech recognition

One of the impressive AI technologies is speech recognition. The software converts voice into an input that can be used by computer apps for helping humans. Siri by iOS, which is a speech recognition software in iPhones is one of the classiest examples.

  1. Decision management

It is tough to take crucial decisions especially when it includes numbers.  Advanced Systems Concepts and Pegasystems are one of the two AI startups that have developed decision management software. All you have to do is enter the data. It will assist you in an automated decision making using the set of rules and formulas that are inserted into it.

  1. Biometrics

 Biometrics is a popular concept. The moment it was out on the market, it sold like quickfire. It is used for identification purpose. For example, a person's thumbprint is taken on a device. Using computer science, the body or institution recollects the print from its memory and gives access. Affectiva and FaceFirst are well-known biometrics developers.

  1. Robotic Process Automation

Currently, in its initial stages, the robotic process automation feeds information into robots for doing a particular task. This AI technology is very costly right now, but AI developers are trying their best to reduce costs. It is a unique technology and can replace humans in skilled sectors like engineering, management, and finance.

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