About Us

We believe in Star Trek and the Matrix like concepts.

We solemnly affirm whatever we have stated below is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

  • We have learnt through experience never say yes to everything
  • Listen to client inputs with patience and without interruptions
  • Be sure before saying "yes I can do it"
  • Research and come back with a solution
  • Document everything and if you have any query ask and be sure
  • Working in off shore environment prompt and proactive communication is necessary
  • Be aware about the future trends in technology and check for room to implement same on any and every project
  • Client is never wrong if you pay attention she/he will always have a valid point to make
  • A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business and we are not in this business
  • We believe in building relationships and working more as Technology partners and less as Vendors
  • We take our work seriously and we treat our work space with respect and sanctity it deserves
  • We believe in team work and our team
  • Never discuss political views and football on project related calls
  • At the same time avoid robotic and emotionless conversations, be human and be humane
  • Treat every project like a serious love affair
  • Perform Quality Testing at regular intervals
  • Never say it is done unless you are sure it is really done
  • Always treat every client special without considering the value of her/his project
  • Always discuss technology related restrictions handicaps with the project owner and make her/him aware
  • Do not use copied code, develop and write new code for every project
  • 21- To know more ABOUT US let us get on a call or commence working on a project and you will know who we are, what we do, how we do what we do and why we do what we love doing!


None of the above statements is true when we go wild and crazy on New Year's Eve. When we like to unwind and have fun our way, and welcome the New Year with renewed gusto and passion to make our clients happy and fulfill all their project requirements on time while maintaining all quality standards. And yes, even on this day few of our team members are completely sober because they are from different planet where losing oneself in technical reverie is far more intoxicating and relaxing than anything else. So we let them be in their space and zone. We call them "ELITE BOHEMIANS" who only like discussing technology and following their ideals like Late Steve Jobs, Einstein, Andy Hertzfeld and many more!

Welcome to Digital Valency where it is always less about us, and more about you!