Quality Testing

At Digital Valency we strongly believe in the fact “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.”

This is one reason we emphasize on Quality Testing when it comes to large scale applications, business solutions etc. And for websites comprising of few dynamic features and moderate logical integration we do it for free because it is part of our development process wherein testing runs in parallel.

Having said that we still believe Quality Testing is an important part of any development process. And at times, testing consumes more effort and time than development itself. This is true if the application, web portal; business solution is large scale, complex with dependencies on several logical components. 

We do:

  • Black box testing
  • White box testing
  • Gray box testing
  • Agile testing
  • Ad Hoc testing

We also do: 

  • Unit testing
  • Functional testing
  • System testing
  • Regression testing
  • System integration testing
  • Acceptance testing

For website/portal we come out of the box and just follow simple testing approach:

  • Quality Assurance and Bug Testing
  • Multiple Browser Compatibility
  • Application Security
  • Performance - Load and Stress Testing
  • Usability

While ensuring following checks are in place:

  • Company logo is linked to the home page
  • Cross browser compatibility
  • Basic SEO is in place along with XML site map
  • Analytics is in place
  • Security and backups
  • 24/7 monitoring scripts are installed
  • Compliance – Cookies related policies, Usage rights, Privacy Policy, Website is PCI compliant if storing and processing of credit card related information is involved –
  • Functionality
  • Page Content – to avoid web copywriting -
  • Broken Links
  • Company contact details
  • Lorem ipsum content has been removed
  • Images/graphics are formatted and accessible on all devices
  • Videos are working
  • Audio files are working
  • Rights to font, content are licensed and valid
  • Website pages compatibility check across all handheld devices
  • CSS/HTML is validated
  • Scripts are optimized
  • Favicon is in place
  • Paragraph styles/orientation is intact
  • Forms are submitting data correctly
  • Right email is tied with forms
  • Internal and external links are working
  • Social icons are working
  • RSS, news, Social Media feeds are in place
  • Website is optimized for load time
  • 404 redirect pages are in place
  • 3rd party tool integration is working – if any at all – 


  • Passwords and other website credentials are stored in a secure database
  • Ongoing copies of the website are being created and stored on a regular basis
  • A copy of the final website has been made for backup purposes


But we also like being tested by our clients. So what is keeping you from getting in touch with us? Come let us test!