Top 4 Future Technologies By 2020

With lots of game-changing projects lined up for release, the year 2020 is expected to be the pivotal period of innovative technologies. Several tech developers and researchers are looking forward to making use of this opportunity to come up with their splendid inventions. While it is not possible for us to predict technological outcomes, technology experts exude confidence that the year 2020 will host some of the long-awaited revolutionary technologies.

Best 4 Future Technologies Of 2020

Let’s take a look at the innovative technologies that would be on radar by the year 2020.

  1. Virtual Reality

As expected, Virtual Reality has garnered the attention of many technology giants in the recent years and is expected to be one of the ace technologies by the year 2020. Soon, most of the workplaces will get a VR work environment to help employees perform several tasks and actions in a virtual world. Several sectors such as defense will make use of Virtual Reality for training purposes while educational institutions will make use of it to teach students. Businesses will be able to make their customers have an immersive experience through VR augmented devices.

  1. Holographic Displays

Sounding a bit stretchy, isn’t it? But it’s not. Ostendo, a Californian based startup is involved in developing a chipset that can make video projections on a diagonal surface measuring 48 inches. Hewlett-Packard is also busy in creating a proprietary 3D imaging interface for smartphones. The next Apple iPhone is rumored to come up with a holographic interface – either in 3D or 2D.

  1. 4K Everywhere

The 4K we mention here is not regarding TV alone. Cinema, streaming media, and streaming media will be following the UHD or 4K standards by the year 2020. Currently, finding native 4K content to support 4K display view is difficult because the content providers are working on better piracy standards for content gratified protection that is hardware-based. OTT or Over The Top services such as Netflix, HBO Go, and Hulu will be using UHD in future with the support extended by renowned hardware makers like Samsung, Apple, and Roku. Later on, 4K will be one among the future technologies in 2020 to reach homes through the DTH services, such as IPTV or cable services.

  1. Artificial Intelligence powered Apps

Our attempt to stay equipped with smart gadgets, devices and apps will be continuous even in the coming years. We are already using digital assistants like Cortana of Microsoft or Apple’s Siri that are backed by AI at its infant stage. Artificial Intelligence will play a vital role in the apps of the future to surpass the performance of the digital assistance we already possess. Tech experts predict that AI will help in improving the processes of autonomous businesses, for continuous, immersive and conversational interfaces and advanced analytics.

Technology will continue to bring about innovations in our society. In future, we will be relying more on technology than we are doing today.

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