Web Development

Whenever one refers to web development, as a subconscious response we tend to relate it with WEBSITE!

We understand every business is different and unique in its own ways. This is why we believe in tailoring our process towards what actually works, rather than relying on a rulebook. All we want and care about is results, Satisfaction of our clients and meeting the deadlines and their expectations.

And here is how we do it and build your quintessential online representative, the virtual face of your business. Your Business Website!

  • Probe and know

At the very outset of the project we work seriously towards building our knowledge about the customers and competition. This helps us to better inform the solution we design and build for your business. Based on the problems we isolate together, we then set goals for the project in terms of design, layout, user interface, user experience, color combinations, easy to manage backend etc. With just one aim, to make your website look better than the rest.

  • Collaborate

We collaborate closely with our clients during project execution cycle. This is based on unvarying communication through a combination of communication mediums i.e. Skype call, e-mail exchange, direct call based on with an advance notice of 24 hours, weekly and daily reports depending upon the severity of issues/s. Many of our clients even like taking a trip to India to visit our office while we ensure it is worth it.  Otherwise the client will only remember jet lag!

  • Now work on it

The design and development process itself usually follows the arrangement of ideate, refine, design, build, test and repeat. It is our sincere goal to always try to validate ideas and assumptions along the way through iterations if required and user testing. Eventually we deliver modern looking, easy to navigate, responsive and user friendly website which is fit to be the virtual mascot of your business

  • Look at it again and improve

Were you pleased with the end product and did it make you smile as our customer and as a casual online visitor who lands on the website? If yes, there is nothing to improve. If the answer is no, then there is lot to improve! This leads to further probing “ how can we improve and kill the completion!” We use design iterations, our experience and re-evaluation of competitors and online visitors to help us assess the scenario once again and help us work toward a better and more future perfect solution. And patience from both ends is the key at this stage.

Contact us if you want to know how we can probe your competition and develop a better looking and an interactive website for your business or simply refer to our portfolio and verify our claim!

We recommend following checks before making your website live:

  • Company logo is linked to the home page
  • Cross browser compatibility
  • Basic SEO is in place along with XML site map
  • Analytics is in place
  • Security and backups
  • 24/7 monitoring scripts are installed.
  • Compliance – Cookies related policies, Usage rights, Privacy Policy, Website is PCI compliant if storing and processing of credit card related information is involved –
  • Functionality
  • Page Content – to avoid web copywriting -
  • Broken Links
  • Company contact details
  • Lorem ipsum content has been removed
  • Images/graphics are formatted and accessible on all devices
  • Videos are working
  • Audio files are working
  • Rights to font, content are licensed and valid
  • Website pages compatibility check across all handheld devices
  • CSS/HTML is validated
  • Scripts are optimized
  • Favicon is in place
  • Paragraph styles/orientation is intact
  • Forms are submitting data correctly
  • Right email is tied with forms
  • Internal and external links are working
  • Social icons are working
  • RSS, news, Social Media feeds are in place
  • Website is optimized for load time
  • 404 redirect pages are in place
  • 3rd party tool integration is working – if any at all –



  • Passwords and other website credentials are stored in a secure database
  • Ongoing copies of the website are being created and stored on a regular basis
  • A copy of the final website has been made for backup purposes

Digital Valency will try to build the absolute best website for your business. And it is not impossible because we are doing it today better than what we could do in the past.